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a significant margin and i think the american people sent a message there. thank you for being with us. thank you for being with us. greta is next with on the record and we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: a tanning ltd web of sex, lies and possible government coverups. in the midst of a terror investigation in which four americans were murdered and the latest tw twist another four-star general ensnared in the scandal, if you think this is confusing you are right. here is what we know so far. >> general david petraeus's surprise resignation. it starts in 2006, paulabroad we well. she was a student. he was commander at for the leavenworth. >> he came to speak at harvard
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while the commander at fort leavenworth. i was studying at the time and group of students was asked to meet with him. after he did a presentation. and then i said i'm working on this research and i would like to get this feedback. he gave me his card and we kept in touch. >> october 2009, general petraeus takes over u.s. central command at mcgill air force base in tampa. that is where she meets jill kelley. two years later. june, 2010, general petraeus is named top command in afghanistan. >> i'm also pleased to nominate david petraeus on to take command in afghanistan. >> then paula broadwell begins on his biography. >> i was embedded with him in
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afghanistan. it was confusing for the folks because i'm a military reservist with a top clearance. a lot of my former peers was a major broadwell. >> it was an open secret that they were involved while he being a commander in 2010. but petraeus's spokesman says the affair didn't start after he left the military. then general petraeus retires from the army. >> an occasion like this is time for reflection. >> he is named at c.i.a. director. >> the opportunity to swear in the new director c.i.a., general david petraeus. >> broadwell's book is released. may 2023, f.b.i. start to investigate harassing e-mails
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sent to jill kelley. one month later they discover the e-mail trail leads to paula broadwell. more e-mails. this time between general petraeus and paula broadwell. thursday, november 8th, two days after the election, general petraeus meets with president obama and offers his resignation. friday november 9th the president accepts his resignation and the word gets out. >> obviously the benghazi story has put a lot of pressure on senior intelligence officials. >> greta: fast forward to today, leon panetta announces the pentagon is investigating general john allen nominated to be the european command and commander of nato forces in europe. for now that nomination is on hold. general allen is accused of
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exchanging thousands of inappropriate e-mails with jill kelley. >> it is simply a fact that is the white house was not aware of a situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday. >> greta: time for congress to man up and get the facts. four americans have been murdered in libya and the obama administration is still dragging its feet two months later still not telling the story. former director david petraeus knows about benghazi, two weeks ago he was in lib qa ya to conduct his own investigation of september 11th attack. should he be forced to testify before congress? we spoke to lindsay graham a short time ago. >> senator, nice to see you. congressman, they have written a letter tha saying a select
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committee to what happened in benz? >> john mccain and myself we will introduce a resolution asking the majority leader, mitch mcconnell to do a select committee. why do you need one? the state department is under the foreign operations committee foreign relations committee oversight. department of defense is under armed service. if you have three different committees interviewing people separately we won't know what one group will significant sailing. so we should form a committee over department of defense, department of the state and the c.i.a. and ask questions and have a professional approach to this. i think congress would be making a huge mistake, let three committees go off by themselves and not coordinate. >> greta: senator harry reid, his view on a select committee is what? >> i don't know.
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i don't believe you can get to the truth in a professional way. when you talk to the c.i.a., also you want to talk to the defense, why were these people left hanging for eight hours. the c.i.a., why did you not get ready for an attack people were telling you. state department, god knows how many times did you fail the people in benghazi. i wanted one committee asking questions of all these of the agencies. >> greta: why do you think that general petraeus was say director at the end of the october went to libya? was he doing in his own investigation? >> i don't know. we need to ask him. he is a friend of mine. i hate what happened to him on personal level to his family and i wish him the best. you can't get to the post-benghazi without him testifying. for months the state department people on the ground were telling the state department that al-qaeda was all over the place.
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we can't defend this place. the night of the attack they told washington, we are under attack. this is al-qaeda coordinated attack. i want to hear from general petraeus about what he knew before, during and after the attack. there is no substitute for his testimony. >> greta: what is your theory as to why on the 15th that even station chief had said there was terrorism that he came and told the story about the video and the spontaneous protests. what in the world would possess him to say that? >> i don't know. i think every american needs to understand why general petraeus told committee members behind closed doors this was a mob spawned by a video. we know why susan rice told the whole world what she did. >> would you filibuster any
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effort if they try to make susan rice as secretary of state? >> i am not going to promote anyone that is involved in benghazi disaster. >> greta: is that a yes to filibuster? >> i do don't want to get ahead of myself. she said on the 15th of september, what she said makes no sense. she was very uninformed or she was misleading. i can't see any circumstance given what i know i would promote her or anyone else that was involved in this episode. somebody has to be accountable. you got four dead americans, the first ambassador killed in the line of duty and 33 years and they are talking about the spokesman being promoted to the secretary of state who told the whole world a story that makes no sense? >> greta: paula broadwell made a statement to suggest that the
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benghazi or c.i.a. annex was being used to hold prisoners. do you think that was true? if so is it violation of an executive order? >> it would be violation of an executive order. c.i.a. denied it. she also said at that same speech that general petraeus was informed by the station chief in benghazi that we're under attack. this is terrorist attack. the whole narrative there was a mob and a riot didn't make any sense given what the people on the ground were seeing. >> greta: when general petraeus went to hearing was that under oath? >> i think it was before the 15th, i've talked to people in that briefing, they were very disturbed and concerned about what general petraeus was saying because it didn't make a whole lot of sense.
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this is an attack on a consulate a mile away, an annex. it was coordinated military type of attack including mortars. the people on the ground this been telling us months before the attack that al qaeda is taking o taking over benghazi. on act the 15th a cable was sent from ambassador stevens to the state department saying we cannot defend this place and we have identified ten militia groups that are al-qaeda affiliates. two of the ten was identified as being involved in the attack. there are a lot of things, it wasn't a riot started by a video. it was coordinated. two different sites a mile apart. the affairs, i hate that for the people involved, there are no perfect people out there, but we need to get to the bottom of what happened. how did this consulate become a death trap. why couldn't they be helped for
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eight hours? why such crazy stupid stories. >> greta: did general petraeus break his own rules. good evening, sir. i understand that general petraeus had two rules, one no overnight reporters with him and no personality pieces on him could be done? >> absolutely, he did. that was one of the questions when i called him yesterday. we had these rules in iraq. they worked really well. kept you focused on your job. why did you allow this woman to write a by graph on you. she hadn't completed her, biography on you? he wasn't aware that was a biography at the beginning. he took her as a mentor.
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she came over to afghanistan and his understanding it was going to be a book about the war. it wasn't until some months in the process this was going to be a biography on him. at that point he thought she was too far along not to help her out he decided to help her finish it. >> greta: he doesn't hold himself out as victim when you had the conversation with him. he wasn't sort of entrapped by this. does he portray himself as victim in any way? >> not at all. he thought highly of paula. he was helping her along as up and coming young officer. as he does a number of other officers. he add meishd her in terms of physical capability and ambition. that is good to a certain extent in all people.
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she used leveraged contacts to weasel into his inner circle. he allowed it to happen. he doesn't portray himself as a victim at all. he was trying to explain to me how he came to violate the two rules that we established for him in iraq or he established for himself. >> greta: of his responsibility as a c.i.a. director, do you know about when. i know affairs are secret but when the affair begin and whether it is even over? >> we talked about half an hour yesterday by phone. he indicated the affair begin a couple months after he got to the c.i.a. it ended about four months ago. i offered that perhaps one of the reasons was this transition that you have to make from being a military officer to being a civilian. i had to make the transition four years ago. it can be difficult. you leave behind the brotherhood
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and sisterhood of a close fight and comrades in arms. he didn't take any of his team to the c.i.a. he didn't have anyone to confide with on a personal level. paula broadwell made herself to be available and one thing led to another and they ended up in a physical relationship. in his time of need he turned to the wrong person in solace. >> greta: when he was in active duty, if he ever had the occasion to deal with adultery among colleagues lower down the military chain of command and how he dealt with it? >> i wasn't aware of any instances where he had to deal with it. i want to clarify something. adultery is an offense in
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military justice, it is almost never prosecuted as a stand-alone offense. it's an add on charge to a more serious phones. kel any li left hand h than flynn case was the last case and it was thrown out. -- kelly-flynn case. they said this is a travesty. why are we prosecuting this woman. this affair begin after he left the military. even if there is so some sort of xiags it occurred in afghanistan i would be really surprised if anyone tries to prosecute him for it. >> greta: i assume you would be disappointed in him that it didn't and turned out later it did? >> i am disappointed in him right now. he is disappointed in himself. he blames no one but himself for
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this affair. he screwed up big time. that is direct quote from him. he realizes what he did was wrong. he is going to do his best to repair his relationship with his wife and kids and move on from here. >> greta: calls for a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of what really happened in benghazi. louie gomer joins us. you wanted a special prosecutor? >> there is group that is going to be in washington, special operations folks and special forces people who got hundred thousand signatures that demand a special prosecutor. that is what is called for. any time there is conflict of interest between somebody that is supposed to be going the investigating. you got the department of justice and f.b.i. up to their eyeballs in this stuff. it does need a special prosecutor to get to the bottom
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of it. i appreciate what lindsay said, congress needs to be looking at it and we do need to hear from general petraeus. >> greta: a special prosecutor would be appointed by the attorney general? >> that's right. >> greta: he may have some questions himself. >> absolutely. general conflict of interest. this whole plot plot as you laid it out earlier, dallas would probably say this is too wild for our soap. it's crazy. i tell you what, as you see this develop and you think about how would this have happened general petraeus comes out with a statement immediately after, nobody in intelligence ever said stand down. then it comes to the hill four days later and parrots the white house lane, what was different
1:18 am
between the 12th and 15th? some where in there the white house knew about the affair even under this white house sergeant schultz, ogan's heros -- they knew at some point, he comes and tells a different story. if he came to me back to lawyer days, i would have said you are going resign. we're going to make a big deal about the affair so that nobody can hold it over your head. then we're going back off and you are going to testify because you said it was about a video. then we'll get immunity for you and then we'll let you go to the hill and testify about what really happened. >> greta: let me tell you what i would do. i would get these things started it's been two and a half months, there are no straight stories. i would start setting hearings
1:19 am
every single day, you have the subpoena power to get them. four americans are dead. the fact that we are two months into this investigation has gone no one. four americans dead is something that i think congress needs to answer. congress has the authority and power to do it. >> that is why i appreciate so much you pushing this story. this is critical. people that died and it's time for people to be held accountable. >> greta: straight ahead, what is up with eric holder. he is keeping a sex scandal investigation under wraps. it's not the first time that attorney general has been in the center. ron gonzales is here to talk about that. what is his next move. congressman west is here. rush limbaugh takes aim at f.b.i. you don't want to miss tha
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>>. apparently irk holder was briefed. we're supposed to believe that he didn't talk to one of his closest friends. one of his closest friends is barack obama. he has been the center of voter i.d. cases. fast and furious the refusal to prosecute the black panther party. eric holder is fol crum of what has been going on the last four years. i can't believe that he would have kept information from the president about a c.i.a. director being part of a federal investigation. if he did i think that is
1:24 am
something. >> greta: he knew that david petraeus was part after an investigation. did the president do nothing? and did he didn't tell president obama, why not? is it time for him to be summoned to testimony. roberto gonzalez joins us. how do we determine that the attorney general of the united states should have told the president there was a federal investigation going on of the c.i.a. director assuming that he did not? >> well, i can't speak to what goes on within this administration. i can tell you this. if bob moehler had come to me and advised me that c.i.a. director was having an affair. i would have notified the
1:25 am
president of united states. because it reflects extremely poor judgment. i believe the president would want to know that kind of information. in addition to that. at the time that it apparently holder was aware of this, the investigation as to whether or not there was a security breach, i believe had not been completed. as a result, i think it would have been important for the president and for the information to take appropriate steps to ensure that there would not be any damage done in that security. so you take appropriate steps to respond to a national security threat. i think it would have been viewed as a national security threat. >> greta: is there any obligation by rules or good judgment or whatever to notify congress? >> i think the situation with congress is a little bit different. if we are talking about sharing information between the president and the c.i.a. director, there is a back and forth. when you are talking about
1:26 am
communication between congress, generally it's the drrjt of the c.i.a. providing information to the congress and so there is a less possibility of damage to national security. clearly, i certainly can understand the interests in congress and ongoing federal investigation of the c.i.a. director. this is a pretty big deal. it's very important deal. i certainly understand congress's desire to understand what happened. clearly they want to know why they weren't informed. that information is going to be disclosed as the facts come out. >> greta: the underlying all of this is fact four americans were murdered in benghazi. i'll tell you if there were four people murdered in the district of columbia it would be on the front page of newspaper every day until they picked somebody up. this whole thing has been overshadowed by this affair. i'm curious, if s the affair
1:27 am
separate, quote, just sex, or sit intimately involved with the investigation of benghazi and question of national security and question that should be investigated on capitol hill to the extent of any impact on any judgments? >> i think it remains to be seen. that is legitimate question. that is why congress needs to do an investigation whether there was any kind of connection. your previous guests have been right on. the real issue is the failures of benghazi and four americans were killed. whether or not this affair by general petraeus has anything to do with that, whether it was an affect on decisions made by the director that remains to be seen. think there is a lot of information that we're not aware of yet. >> greta: just david petraeus, hillary clinton should they be
1:28 am
asked to testify, if not asked should they all receive subpoenas to testify about benghazi? >> i think that they are important. i'm not so sure about the importance of general holder based upon the information that i know today. certainly the c.i.a. director, the secretary of state their testimony would be very, very important to any kind of investigation. if they are not willing to testify voluntarily, obviously they have the authority to subpoena their testimony. >> greta: american people have no control over this. things are overclassified, do you agree with me or not? >> i think there is a lot of information that gets classified that probably should not be classified that certainly understandable when you are in a
1:29 am
time of war or serious danger. after 9/11, but there is no question about it, if you look back at information that is declassified that was classified 25 years ago, you look at the information, there is no reason in the world why this information should have been classified. it's so easy for government officials to uer on the side of safety and classify information and many instances when information should be made available to the public so they understand and they know what their government is doing. >> greta: i have a sense that time is up. we need the fact, four americans were killed. thank you, judge. >> coming up in just week after the election, white house facing a whole new problem, is texas seceding from the union? and are other states following? alan west refuses to give up the
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so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer.
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obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >>. >> greta: congressman alan west is not giving up. he is taking his election fight to court. good evening. >> how are you doing. >> greta: very well. i understand you filed a complaint in court that you want a full recount of early ballots in a county? >> that is correct.
1:34 am
because this goes back to election night about 1:00 in the morning when all of a sudden there was 4400 vote swing in early voting. at the time i was ahead about 2,000 votes and then my opponent was ahead. what we were told, the go back and recount voters that have already been counted. we are asking for a complete counted of those votes. we have an individual who was locking precinct doors. we have discrepancies with the amount of people that logged in to vote with the amount of ballots who were actually submitted at some precinct violations. she has been in violation of a law because she had behind a closed doors meeting of the canvassing board, did not put out a public notice.
1:35 am
then even when she told people she was going to do a full early vote recount this past sunday, she did a partial vote which is not with any type of statute whatsoever. we have a series of missteps and the math is not adding up. >> greta: as i understand it under florida state law, if there is a 5% margin there is a recount by florida law but the differential between you and your point you just missed that cutoff to force the recount? >> that is correct. that happened this past sunday when she did the partial recounted. we were able to pick up a 535 votes, she was one that went in and selected dated she wanted the count. then she cut it off abruptly and once again this is not about me, this is not about my opponent. this is the integrity of our electoral process and doing what
1:36 am
is right. >> greta: you filed and your postpone the is going to respond. then you have some sort of hearing. do you have any sort of hearing date? can you give us some sort of timetable? >> hearing date has not been given. most important thing, we did not feel that there should be a certification of this until we have that complete recount of early votes. we do know the secretary of state of florida has sent down individuals to audit the supervisor of elections there because as i said the numbers are adding up. there was almost one thousand votes that dropped off the count based upon what she did in this partial recount on this past sunday. there is a lot of questions. i think the most important thing s if the people in america and from the congressional district
1:37 am
can't have trust and confidence in the electoral process we'll lose the rule of law. the results may end up where they may but i want to make sure that i spent 22 years in uniform i want to continue to serve the people. >> greta: thank you, sir. coming up rush limbaugh is taking on the f.b.i. you have to hear about what he has to say about the petraeus sex scandal and benghazi. two minutes, her name keeps coming up in the sex scandal. tonight we're hearing from jill kelley for the first time. why did she call police five times in the last few days. you will hear those calls just
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>>. >> greta: she is the woman at the sex scandal. we're talking about jill kelley.
1:40 am
she set off the petraeus investigation contacting the f.b.i. about eems she gotten from broadwell and now linked to general john allen. since the scandal has gone public, she has called police five times. >> had i. >> i'm an honorary counsel general. i don't know people shouldn't okay my property. >> greta: turns out is a honorary consul of south korea. tell us what you think.
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>> from america's news
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headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. the federal government starting the 2013 budget year with a $120 billion deficit. the treasury department saying it rose 22% last month, compared to october of last year. analysts say it's an indication that the country could see a fifth straight year of a $1 trillion-plus deficit. the headave massachusetts company linked to a meningitis outbreak, pleading the fifth. he is expected to appear but not testify at the hearing before the energy and commerce committee. tainted shots produced by the company are blamed for 32 deaths. a plane crashed into a home in a jackson, mississippi, neighborhood. take a look at this video-- the impact set the house on fire and killed three people on board. one person in the house managed to escape and is in the hospital in good condition. i'm ainsley earhardt. now back to "on the record" with greta. thanks for watching. >> is the obama administration more concerned about a sex scandal than benghazi.
1:44 am
>> the f.b.i. sent more time in broadwell's house four hours than they this d at u.s. consulate in benghazi. just to put this in perspective. they spent more time in broadwell's house than they did in benghazi. this benghazi story has now become a story about sex and scandal about who? the benghazi story has all of a sudden become a sex scandal about petraeus. who is the one person that benefits from that reputed to be a republican? petraeus. >> greta: political panel rick cline, john mccormack and byron york. you are first. >> rush is expressing the frustration a lot of republicans have felt about this. benghazi happened on september
1:45 am
11th. weeks went by a lot of attention. the administration didn't seem particularly interested in getting the facts out about this. the press didn't seem very interested about this. so there is a certain amount amount of bitterness, now that it gets attention when it turns into a sex scandal. i'm sure he would say that he hopes it will finally get some answers about benghazi, maybe even more so about david petraeus's dating habs little? >> i don't think you can brush this off as a republican scandal. rush would say david petraeus was republican. he was george w. bush's general in iraq but hand picked c.i.a. chief. you don't want him compromised. there are big questions surrounding eric holder, why would holder not tell the president that his c.i.a. chief was potentially compromised. if he tell d the tell them it
1:46 am
should have gone to the president himself. >> the time line is objectively weird. you couldn't write this that the white house wouldn't know about sex scandal involving the c.i.a. director. obviously there are a lot of questions about benghazi and petraeus. this whole period of last week, it's been a week ago tonight we were calling ohio. it's overshadowed a lot of the potential the president had coming out of the electing. he is going to have it in the news conference. this lab major focus of it. i don't think the white house wants any more distractions because there are questions about the f.b.i., c.i.a., military. all of this is mixed up in what a increasingly weird sex scandal. >> greta: there is a story, general kip ward was stripped of a star because he accused of spending tax money extravagantly. do you know if any of us stole
1:47 am
$82,000. we would end up in the slammer. the military had a very bad day today? >> this is coins coincidental. it's black eye, to see general allen involved. general petraeus with the stellar reputation, its bad military for military leadership. the commander in chief is going to be held to answer for a lot of this. >> republicans are in the position of saying, hey, don't forget about benghazi. thursday is the day he is the day he was to testify. >> greta: he should still be testifying. i don't know why, congress is so gentle. he was at a with it. he made a stupid statement afterwards and ten days ago he was back in libya doing some investigation. why in the world he isn't being called up there is explored. >> doing his own personal investigation, former head of
1:48 am
the c.i.a. >> it seems like it's a bipartisan the desire to hear him talk. even members of congress heads are spinning right now. the last revelations, it will take time for the dust to settle. it seems hour by hour you have more weird developments. >> there is so many unanswered questions. broadwell's father says there is something even bigger the sex scandal. >> greta: four americans, there is terrorism out there that apparently has now -- we were hit by terrorism. anyway, thanks. the white house has a whole new problem on its hands. are dozens of states trying to secede from the union? having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier.
1:49 am
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>> this is a fox news alert. secretary of state hillary clinton and defense secretary leon panetta addressing the media in australia a short time ago, where they are attending a summit about deepening the defense links between our two
1:53 am
countries. on the journalists' mind is the scandal involving david petraeus and marine general john allen. let's listen in. >> lead to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job in leading those forces. he certainly has my continued confidence to lead our forces and to continue the fight. but his nomination has been put on hold, as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. and we will. >> general allen is a distinguished marine and commander who has been an important part of the nato mission in afghanistan. i don't have anything to add to what secretary panetta has said about how this matter is being addressed. we have been in touch with our
1:54 am
nato allies. the course in afghanistan is set. we know what the transition requires of us. we are proceeding with that transition and will do so on time of. defense secretary leon panetta went on to say they are investigating what they are calling inappropriate emails between general allen and a socialite down in tampa, jill kelley. she was the one who alerted the fbi, saying the emails she was receiving were harassing emails by paula broadwell, the lady who wrote the biography on general petraeus. he goes on to say he does not want to suggest any overreaction and no one should leap to any conclusions until they have continued this investigation and completed it. he says that for now, the nomination will be on hold until they can determine exactly what the facts are. so we will lett leave it there and happened it back to greta.
1:55 am
when we find out more information, we will bring that back live. we will be back at 2:40 with another news break. >> treat it with seriousness. they have combined petitions in the past. so it's likely they wie response. >> greta: for all 30 states? >> right. >> greta: and 30 states don't have the threshold? >> the three last time, louisiana and florida have hit the threshold. there was another petition that was started, liberals started a petition asking obama to sign an executive order that anybody that signs those other petitions should get exiled from the country. >> greta: a little fun with each other. coming up your last call. brace yourself are we approaching the fiscal cliff faster than we thought. faster than we thought.
1:56 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. here is jay leno on the fiscal cliff. >> well, both parties agree our country is headed towards a fiscal cliff is what they said. towards a fiscal cliff. bad news? just elect a guy whose campaign slogan was "forward". >> that is your a lot of

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